Brazen Brownies partners with Bonza for Victorian flights

Brazen Brownies partners with Bonza for Victorian flights

Brazen Brownies partners with Bonza for Victorian flights

We are delighted to share that Brazen Brownies was recently featured in the news for our collaboration with Bonza Airlines. The Geelong Times shined a spotlight on the delectable treats our brownies offer to passengers during their in-flight journeys. It’s an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our flavours to a wider audience, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about this new partnership.

The Geelong Times described Brazen Brownies’ partnership with Bonza Airlines as a delightful addition to the in-flight menu, bringing a touch of indulgence and satisfaction to passengers’ travel experiences. 

The article quotes Brazen Brownie co-owner and Brownie Ambassador George Kalpakis: 

“We’ve been doing the brownies for five years and are just so excited to break new ground with Bonza with this exciting new partnership.

“I’ve got a love for dessert and a passion for aviation and when we were approached by Bonza, we were all ears.” 

Mr Kalpakis said he looked forward to hopefully a long and terrific relationship with Bonza. 

“They go where most won’t and that’s attacking the regional market, ultimately opening up the skies and bringing people closer. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working together and connecting with them from that grassroots level to bring happiness to our community.”

Our signature wicked chocolate addiction in gluten free brownies are now available on several Bonza’s flights across Australia. 

Want to get a taste of what Bonza passengers are enjoying? Discover our other exquisite flavours that have captured the attention of brownie enthusiasts all over Australia including:

Whether you’re craving a personal treat or looking to impress guests at a special event, our brownies are the perfect choice. 

Be Brazen! 

Order yours online today, or get in touch with us for a wholesale quote.


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